Make Soothing Sense a
part of your life!
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Creating Soothing Sense has been such a blessing for my family & me!

What started as an idea of turning an interest of mine into a hobby, quickly turned
nto a business idea - letting my customers decide which fragrance they want added
to the product of their choice!  Also, since I would be making the products myself,
I could use only organic & all natural ingredients and create hypo-allergenic
products by not adding any fragrances.

s I taught classes through a local community program, I saw an opportunity to
share more than just my knowledge with others, and that's how the
direct selling aspect of my business was born.  Now I'm excited to say, this idea has
grown into a bigger opportunity to help others than I even first imagined!

I've been a consultant for other home based businesses before, and even though
many of them have great things to offer, I have never liked how most require that
you sell a minimum amount of products each month or how you have to recruit a
huge team to advance within the company.  
I decided that if I was going to create a
direct selling opportunity, it would be different than other home based businesses
that are currently out there!

This direct selling business is different than any others you've seen before!


NO REQUIRED MINIMUMS!  You don't have to sell a certain amount per month,
quarter or even year!  Life can get crazy at different times & you just don't have
the time to run a home based business when this happens!  While other businesses
penalize you for this, we want you to know that it's okay to put your business on
hold awhile until you get the chance to work at it again! However, if you keep at
your business we will reward you with different incentives we offer, so you'll
benefit from the hard work you put forth!  The only thing we ask after the first
year you are with us is, you purchase $500 worth (before your discount) of
products/supplies in a 12 month period to keep that discount.  We believe that
each person who is a team member of ours needs to work a little to earn what we
give them & that is why we require that purchase amount after you've had a year to
try us out.

NO REQUIRED TEAM BUILDING (unless you want to)!  To be able to earn a
bigger commission with many home based businesses, you have to build a team by
recruiting others to sell the same products & then your team has to sell a minimum
for you to stay active at that level.  This is not required when you're a team
member of Soothing Sense!  Instead, you earn a bigger discount based on your own
selling efforts!  This rewards you for your hard work & doesn't reward someone
above you just for signing on with the business before you did.  We do, however,
give a bonus to those who build a team as a thank-you for the extra work involved
in recruiting and maintaining a team.

with a home based business you are running your own little business selling their
products, but do you have much say how you want to run it?  How about a chance
to make this business truly your own?  We let you decide how you want to be a
team member by choosing if you want to be a spa coordinator, product distributor
or independent crafter, or a combination of any or all of them.  We want to build
on your strengths so you are truly successful with this opportunity!

based businesses offer a regular & mini starter kit, we offer 4 different starter kits
priced from $89 to $180 so you can find the one that works best for you!  If those
don't work we even have a "create your own kit" to ensure you get what you need
to start your business.

There are other benefits for being a Soothing Sense Team Member so please
consider joining our team & sharing Soothing Sense with others!  If you would like
more information please contact one of our current Team Members